Website Design

East Riding Computers provide bespoke website designs based on industry standard  technology such as WordPress and the Joomla! content management system.

Our existing customers include online retailers, manufacturing companies, landscaping contractors and our own website.

Working with standard tools such as Joomla! CMS in the sites we create we can put you, the customer, completely in control of the site content. This includes both the editing of existing pages and the creation of new pages, which can be done directly from your website by logging in with your user account. This process is as easy as opening a Word document, adding images or text and then applying any formatting.

We normally hand over ongoing content management once the website has gone live, although we’re happy to help get the site established and help with the maintenance of the site, until such time as you are confident to manage your own content updates.

We build the site structure and layout entirely to your individual specification. We can design graphics, incorporate shopping baskets and credit card payment systems etc, then hand over the finished site for you to submit the content articles at your leisure.

Due to the nature of our website designs running on standard software components, your website can be easily updated or redesigned by any authorised person with the required expertise. We use no proprietary software and although your design will be unique to your business, you are in no way tied into using our services in the long term.

We have a demonstration website available for you to log into, to see for yourselves just how quick and painless managing your website can be.